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    Community Helpers Team || Handbook

    Helpers Team Handbook

    1) Introduction

    Being a Community Helper is not all about having a cool helper tag in-game and on the forum. Helper's job is much more complicated then you think and it takes a lot of dedication and matureness to fullfil this job. There are many types of jobs a Helper can do. Helping in game, on the forum and in TeamSpeak are the majority jobs. Here's a brief explanation about some of the most important Helper duties (and their commands) that you can do. Every topic will be explained in details so that you'll have a new and brighter vision about the Community Helpers Team. And I can assure you if you do these duties, you'll get loads of respect from the players and you will be known as a true helper around the server. Remember, your main goal is to help the new and even the old players to answer their questions and to teach them how the server works with your knowledge.

    2) Timezone Map

    The timezone map, something with a high leveled priority whitin this team. Having 10 helpers at a certain moment and then 0 at another is simply useless. The purpose here is to have a couple of helpers online 24/7. The only way to do that is by having a helper roster for each timezone. There are three kinds of timezones
    (EU || NA || OC). Helpers are expected to be online around their best time which is different for each timezone.

    European Timezone (EU)
    North American Timezone (NA)
    Oceanic Timezone (OC)

    3) In Game Commands

    Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap, /hhveh, /hpm

    Senior Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap, /nonewbie, /hveh, /hpm

    Head Helpers: /hc, /hreturn, /nmute, /helpnewbie (/hn), /ncheck, /nwarn, /toghc, /nrw, /ap, /nonewbie, /makehelper, /hveh, /hpm

    3.1) Helping over /newb

    The most important job for helpers is to answer the questions over /newb(ie) properly. And that by the following two commands:

    1)/newb(ie): The regular command that everyone can use. An exception here is that there's no cooldown of 50 seconds for helpers.

    /newb Welcome to San Andreas Roleplay, a Light-Medium Roleplay server.
    Helper Sam Gideon [69]: Welcome to San Andreas Roleplay, a Light-Medium Roleplay server.

    2) /a(nswer)p(layer) [NameOfPlayer/ID]: The command that only helpers can use and that let the player's forename appear automaticly. This one hasn't a cooldown either and is more useful to redirect an answer to a certain player.

    /ap 69 this is a Light-Medium Roleplay server.
    Helper Sam Gideon [69]: @Sam; this is a Light-Medium Roleplay server.

    3.2) Spam over /newb

    If a newbie asks a question and another helper already replies with the proper answer, do not bother responding with the exact same thing. This will only cause spam because if the question is already answered with a valid answer, there is no point in repeating it and that will give a bad influence on the Helpers Team

    Bad example:
    Newbie John_Piller [44]: how to sell vest?
    Senior Helper Bilal El Mahdaoui [21]: Use /sellvest, the average price for a vest is $2,000.
    Helper Justin Phelps [63]: /sellvest
    Helper Cole Setland [3]: /sellvest
    Head Helper Mike Kennedy [12]: /sellvest

    You can however respond after an answer has already been given if your answer is different and provides additional information or an alternative approach.

    Good example:
    Newbie Tijs_Verwest [32]: how to join lspd ?.. ??
    Senior Helper Wolfgang Palmer [15]: @Tijs; Get level 5 and apply on forums.
    Helper Carl King [72]: @Tijs; Go to forums, click on forms, find LSPD application and fill it out.
    Head Helper Antonio Jackson [21]: @Tijs; Get level 5, learn how to roleplay (/me, /do) and then apply at

    As seen, each answer had a different response. Although we try and get helpers to be specific as possible in their answers, sometimes they may not be able to answer with the full information, and therefore if you have a different answer that consists of more detail or further information, feel free to reply.

    4) Muting player from /newb

    Every day, at every time and every place, there will be abusers. That's how it is and we cannot do anything about it. However we won't let them go away with these abuses. It's the Helper's task to warn/mute those players accordingly.

    4.1) /nmute | /nwarn references

    In order to mute or warn someone, you should act accordingly. The references are the following:
    - Players level 1-5 abusing:
    First time will receive a warning, second time is a 1 hour muting, third time is a permanent mute [Helper Discretion]

    - Players level 6-11 abusing:
    First time will receive a warning, second time will receive a permanent mute.[Helper Discretion]

    - Players level 12+ abusing:
    They will be permanently muted on the spot, they have been here long enough to know not to abuse.[Helper Discretion]

    - Player advertising another server:
    They will receive a permanent mute. (Any level)

    4.2) /n(ewbie)r(emove)w(arning)

    It's always possible that helpers mistake a /nwarn by ID or name. In that case, you can use /nrw to remove someone's warning. If you /nmuted someone accidently, use /nmute again to get him unmuted. You can only remove someone's warning if he has a Resolved warn appeal, otherwise you can't /nrw someone. If caught so, you will be punished accordingly.

    4.3) /n(ewbie)check

    /ncheck is a command that allows you to check the amount of warnings a player has. This can be used for several things. Your helper application is biased for a part on this. So don't believe that trolls over /newb can be forgotten for in case you apply for the Helpers Team. Also we'll be more strict on abusers with more warnings then those with less.

    4.4) /h(elper)c(hat) and /tog(gle)h(elper)c(hat)

    If you are in game and wish to share information or do few concrete comments or even do a decent talk within your colleagues you can use /h(elper)c(hat). It should be related to the Helper position only.

    Note: You must not spam the /hc neither use offending words against your colleagues, if you do so, you will be punished by your superiors accordingly.

    5) Trial Helpers

    Trial Helpers are players that have applied for the Helpers Team and which Public Relations aren't convinced about yet. They are in a middle fase and need to complete their trial period by helping alot to prove themselfes worth for this position in order to become a real Helper. The difference between a Trial Helper and a Regular Helper are the following:

    ~Temp. Helpers are not permitted to remove warnings (/nrw)
    ~Temp. Helpers are not permitted to permanently mute (/nmute perm)without permission from a Regular Helper+
    ~Temp. Helpers are not permitted to warn without asking for permission from a Regular Helper+
    ~Temp. Helpers are to immediately permanently mute a server advertiser or hacker. (No permission needed)
    ~Asking for a promotion is strictly prohibited. Public Relations will decide when they finished their trial period as their whishes.

    Failure in following these rules as a Trial Helper will result in you receiving a denial from the Helpers Team.

    6) Usage of /helpnewbie (/hn) and /hreturn

    Apart from /Newb(ie), you can also use /Helpme if you have some questions that requires personal assistance. The online helpers will receive a message that you need their help and will respond with /helpnewbie ( or shorter, /hn ) if they feel fit. He'll immediatley spawn to you so make sure not to move when you're awaiting a helper to come. You can recognize them with his/her helper nametag (/nametag helper) which they'll use when he get teleported to you. He will basicaly respond on your question that you asked over /helpme so don't be shy and do ask them more if you have any further questions. /Helpme is mostly for guidness, etc.. When the Helper finished his duty, he'll use /h(elper)return to get teleported back.

    7) /h(elper)pm and /h(elper)veh(icle)

    The two last updated commands, "/hpm and /hveh" Short questions that are asked over /helpme will be answered with /h(elper)pm. The helper won't get teleported to you but you will then receive a message from the Community Helper in a kind of OOC sms. There's no need to respond back but if you've not understood something pretty well, you can /sms the helper that had pmed you. The message you'll get when a Helper /hpm's you, will look like the following:
    Helper Sam Gideon: [Text]

    The second command is /hveh and can be used by helpers doing a /helpme-duty only. /hveh will get themselfes a vehicle teleported when they need it to bring a certain player somewhere for example. This cannot be abused anyhow.

    If you notice any mistakes/confusion within this handbook, feel free to PM/VM me.
    Best regards, The Community Helpers Team.
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