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    Graphics Team || Critique Center Guidelines


    1. Before posting a work in this section, remember that you will not only get positive opinions. There'll be negative comments that will involve the flaws of your work. You can simply inform a moderator if a player is violently attacking your designs. We are against unlawful trashing of others' works.

    2. Make sure your work is not plagiarized.
    3. You are allowed to make one thread per work, depending on the type of graphics. If it's about logos, and your specialty is logos, you can make one thread that is dedicated to your logos. And anyone can post and comment, don't feel offended once again.
    4. Again, we do not condone trolling. It is alright to joke with your friends, but make sure you're not doing anything that will discourage the designers.
    5. Do not use any prefixes! Only members of the Graphics Team Moderators Department are allowed to place prefixes on your threads (This applies to administrators as well). If you choose to use a prefix, your request will be immediately closed.

    Khenjie Rosetti,
    Graphics Team Management
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