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    Community Helpers Recruitment Status & Requirements


    European Timezone -
    Oceanic Timezone -
    American Timezone -


    In order to join this team you will have to go through the requirements and read them. You should realize that to get into this team you should be helpful and mature and also willing to do your job without anyone telling you what to do and when to do it. If you have read the requirements and you are hoping to get inside this team the first step you shall do is apply for the helpers team through this form


    Level: Every single applicant should be atleast level 15 or above, this is to make sure all applicants have enough experience and knowledge of the server. We hope that everyone understands and no other player under level 15 will be able to apply.

    Microphone: Applicants should have a working microphone, although, we don't always ask that everyone speaks - it's usually for meetings.

    TeamSpeak: Every applicant should have TeamSpeak3 or install it when becoming a helper, this is where most of the meetings happen but not all the time.

    Discord: Like TeamSpeak3, Discord is another place where we have meetings - I doubt we will use it that much but you should have it.


    The recruitment procedure has changed recently and it now will require vouches from both senior helpers and head helpers, again ( PR Staff ). In order to pass, it will go through three phases which the PR team will do. Once that you pass these three phases, you will become a trial helper for exactly 2/3 weeks and during these weeks the senior helpers will supervise you and help you whenever you need help. Once you become a trial helper, you will be tested through the handbook to know if you are capable of becoming a helper or not.

    If you didn't pass the three phases, then you will be informed through a simple private message with the reason of your denial in order to improve.

    NOTE: Please do not ask about your application as that may result in being denied, if you're application is 3 weeks old and you do not hear a response from the Public Relations, then you may VM asking if the application has been denied or not.

    Public Relation Team

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    Recruitment is OPEN for ALL timezones
    Should you require any assistance, please pm me with a clear subject title

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