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    Faction Rules and Information


    The following is a set of rules every faction must follow.
    These rules are up to change at all time, therefore you are urged to regularly update yourself on the regulations.
    Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to punishment ranging from a warning to a ban from the server, so please tread lightly.
    The faction rules are not replacing server rules, instead, they are conjoined together and you are expected to follow both faction rules and server rules simultaneously.

    Faction Moderation

    -Failure to follow these moderator rules may result in moderator strikes or in severe cases removal from faction moderation.

    • As a faction moderator, it is your responsibility to supervise the performance of the faction from an admin standpoint.

    • Factions are only allowed to have a single moderator at a time with the only exception of SAPD, which can have up to two.

    • Each faction moderator is culpable for their own faction they are moderating, in no way will you intervene with other factions, instead you are urged to approach the respective faction moderator and or faction director.

    • Faction moderators should not be in other factions they do not moderate unless they have gotten permission from the said faction moderator.

    • Faction leaders are not the ones who pick the moderator nonetheless they may request a specific moderator for enhanced communication, that being said if there is an issue with a moderator you private message either the faction director or the assistant.

    • Faction moderators are prohibited from interfering in IC situations unless it is absolutely needed.

    • Faction moderators are not allowed to invite players into their faction.

    • Admins will not hand out restricted skins unless it was roleplayed properly and in-depth, proof of this roleplay must be provided and it is ultimately up to the admin to deem it fit or not.

    • Faction moderators are prohibited from promoting the faction members unless the leader requests it, bear in mind the promotion has to be roleplayed in any case.

    • If a player without a leaderflag interviews another player and needs someone with a leaderflag to invite the said player into the faction, the moderator will not process this request, the player must contact his superior for the scriptwise invite.

    Faction-wide Rules

    -Failure to adhere to these rules may result from a warning to a removal from the faction and admin imprisonment, up to admin discretion.

    • A player cannot have leadership over two factions at once, this counts for alternative accounts and co-leader (r5/r7).

    • Players are ought to never be invited into the faction without going through the full invitation procedure, this includes being invited without an application unless the faction director gives permission.(Faction moderators may not give permission).

    • Faction leaders and high command (leaderflag) must roleplay everything involved with hiring/firing/suspending/promoting/demoting a player unless the player has broken OOC rules.

    • The maximum rank players can reinstate into is 1 otherwise the player must join the faction at rank 0. Permission to bypass this rule may be given by the moderator with a proper reasoning.

    • Skipping ranks is not allowed unless the faction moderator has given permission to do so with proper reasoning.

    • When promoting a player you must follow promotion regulations, this means you are not allowed to give away/sell promotions.

    • Hopping between factions is strictly prohibited, this includes applying to the same faction. the appropriate time for waiting in between factions is 3 days from the point the player did /quitfaction, unless the faction moderator of the faction the player intends to join AND the moderator of the faction the player has left agreed to make an exception. (This rule does not apply for players leaving a faction to transfer over to the FBI).

    • Faction tool abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited and will guarantee you a place in admin prison or even a ban from the server, up to admin discretion.

    • Selling, buying, giving or taking faction weapons is not allowed, this includes not being able to take faction weapons when robbing a faction member.

    • You are not allowed to force someone to leave their faction unless the high command of the same faction does it himself, however, the FBI NSB are exempt to this rule.

    • Rushtazing is absolutely not allowed and ties back to faction tool abuse, the following is an explanation of the term rushtazing and a few regulations surrounding it:

    - Tazing a player whilst they are aiming/shooting at you is classified as
    - Players are allowed to
    taze an active gunman from behind.
    - If a player turns around during a chase to specifically avoid being
    tazed, the LEO may taze him regardless of where the player is facing. Proof must be given to validate this however as the LEO may be accused of rushtaze

    • Players are not allowed to own faction-restricted vehicles excluding the Cheetah.

    • JD and the IA division in any faction are restricted from going corrupt OOCly and ICly, unless permission for this was given by the faction director. Any other rank in any other faction may go corrupt. As for the FBI, only corruption that isn't allowed is going against the intentions of the FBI itself or any other faction, as stated in their respective faction rules.

    • Players require permission to raid other faction HQs and there must be at least 5 members of the relevant faction in-game as well as an admin spectating at all times.

    • As a followup to the previous rule, you need permission in order to escape IC jail with at least 4 PD members in-game, as well as an admin spectating at all times. (If a PD member logs off mid-roleplay, the escapee may continue nonetheless).

    • Live recruitments require permission from both the faction director and the moderator of the respective faction.

    • /members is an OOC command, under no circumstances are you allowed to use information from /members ICly, this classifies as MG.

    Faction Roleplay Rules

    -Failure to adhere to these rules may result from a warning to a removal from the faction and admin imprisonment, up to admin discretion.

    • The only way faction members may use the OOC channel ICly is if they need to clarify any IC information that was given over IC channels.

    • Detaining a suspect must be roleplayed before typing out the /detain command, otherwise, this can be classified as PG. Detaining players into unrealistic vehicles is also PG. (Bikes for example).

    • If someone is in disguise within your faction, do not go to OOC lengths to reveal them. You must act realistically and use IC suspicion (if available) to attempt to reveal them ICly. Anyone breaching this will be punished for metagaming.

    • All roleplay situations involving yourself or your faction directly should be reacted to in a serious, literal and realistic manner. For example, hostage situations should be handled with the safety of the hostages and other LEOs in mind at all times. Anyone breaking this will be punished for non-RP behavior.

    • Players are allowed to place other players under temporary lockdown (for example put in a cell for interrogation) for a maximum of 20 minutes however an OOC agreement can be made between the captive and the captor to extend the 20-minute restriction for roleplay purposes. If the suspect is held and they log out before the 20 minutes is up, they cannot claim that they were held for longer than the normal 20 minutes. They can be released, but the LEOs holding them will not be punished.

    • Using screenshots as IC evidence must be supported with roleplay of equipping the relevant equipment, it is to your best interest to roleplay this often.

    The equipment may turn invalid in case you scriptwisely die, 24 hours passed, or if the equipment is removed in a roleplay manner, this also applies to silicone masks or any concealing roleplay of that sort.
    In addition, dashcams are automatically placed in every LEO vehicle, this means you are able to capture IC evidence while inside/around an LEO vehicle with a 360-degree view as well as audio unless the dashcam was deactivated in a roleplay manner.

    - Sidenote: If a faction member dies around of their faction vehicles, they cannot check the dashcam footage back at their HQ when they respawn.

    • If you have recording equipment on you at the time of leaving/being removed from the faction, the equipment automatically goes invalid unless you roleplayed stashing the equipment somewhere before leaving.

    • If an LEO is killed in relation to a casefile they have created, they are no longer allowed to pursue the casefile however other faction members can if they have the IC motive to do so, for example, the case is stored in the FBI database, therefore other agents take over.

    • If you have usergroup access to a factions usergroup it is considered that you have IC access to their information. It is down to the responsibility of the usergroup moderator(s) to regularly check the appropriate users have the appropriate permissions. In addition, forum masks are only valid with the generation of the faction you received it from. If a faction purges and/or disbands and return at a later date your mask is then deemed invalid, upon return new systems would naturally be used and whatnot to prevent your mask working any longer, there's no debate with this.

    • Breaking your cuffs must be roleplayed realistically and properly, for example, lockpicking. Shooting them is an example of invalid roleplay.

    • It is prohibited from LEOs to arrest and charge someone for no reason with the excuse of "I'm corrupt". You are only allowed to arrest someone for legitimate IC crimes, you are expected to be able to prove the crime really did happen in case of a forum complaint as it is your responsibility.

    • /mask can be used in a variety of ways to conceal one's identity. Some people (with appropriate roleplay/realistic access to such things) use facial prosthetics and use /mask as a way of concealing their identity through this method, which is perfectly acceptable through roleplay. However, if no roleplay is done prior to the /mask command being used, by default, it'll be roleplayed as being some sort of face cover, like a normal mask.

    • You must not assume someone is not a legitimate member of your faction without their actions giving you a reason to suspect them.

    Respective faction rules

    • The SAPD has authority over all civilians in the state of San Andreas as they're a state agency.

    • The SAPD are permitted to patrol and have authority over the entire map.

    • The SAPD cannot fire other faction members even if they have committed a crime, they must make efforts to contact the National Security Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and hand over any relevant evidence.

    • The SAPD has a cap of 65 members. If the roster exceeds or meets 65, recruitment must be closed.

    • Members of the San Andreas Police Department who are not related to Internal Affairs are entitled to be corrupt.

    • If a crime is committed that is a violation of local, state, and federal laws, the FBI has NO right to take over the investigation. State and local law enforcement agencies are not subordinate to the FBI, and the FBI does not supervise or take over their investigations.

    • FMD is a State Agency.

    • FMD has authority only in medical situations.

    • FMD has full authority over the security of their events and LEO factions must provide security for these events if they're available.

    • Firearms are only to be used for self-defense.

    • FMD has to roleplay reviving players, otherwise, they may get imprisoned for PG.

    • FMD high commands are not entitled to be corrupt.

    • The San Andreas Government has authority to all states and below while it's faction itself is State Agency.

    • They are allowed to create, remove and edit laws.

    • They have the full authority over LEO factions during Government-held events, such as tax refunds, racers & other events.

    • The Government must fund the factions fairly. (no corruption is allowed in relation to paying factions, nor is stealing from the treasury through faction payments allowed).

    • The Government cannot order other factions to fire, hire, promote, demote or to suspend people.

    • The Government cannot force other factions to give them the usergroup access, they can ask.

    • The Government cannot order an LEO to add charges to someone without showing concrete evidence.

    • The Government cannot run crime scenes or training but they can set up an operation for the state agencies and below.

    • Firearms are only allowed to be used for defense (the Government is not an LEO faction, admins can punish government members for acting unrealistically with their supplies (for example, showing up at a crime scene and pulling your gun out, involving yourself as an LEO).

    • If a relevant faction moderator sees an issue with an IC bill, they may intervene with its implementation for OOC reasons, if necessary. (i.e. unrealistic, doesn't mesh well with the faction dynamics/SARP playstyle etc).

    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, and its principal federal law enforcement agency operates under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice.

    • Although many of the FBI's functions are unique, its activities in support of national security are comparable to those of the British MI5 and the Russian FSB. Unlike the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which has no law enforcement authority and is focused on intelligence collection overseas, the FBI is primarily a domestic agency.

    • The faction has access to a set of powerful features, both RPly, and scriptwisely. As such, the faction works closely with the Faction Director to ensure that the faction is run properly, without too much admin intervention. Rules that ensure FBI stay focused and are kept in line with such power are listed at the bottom.

    • FBI has investigative authority over all factions at all times.

    • If a crime is committed that is a violation of local or state, the FBI has NO right to take over the investigation. State and local law enforcement agencies are not subordinate to the FBI, and the FBI does not supervise or take over their investigations.

    • FBI members are OOCly restricted from being corrupt against the intentions of the FBI/any other faction.

    • Any actions of the FBI may be reversed if the agent involved is proven to have broken any of the following rules during the situation where the actions occurred.

    • All general faction rules are applicable to the FBI as well.

    • Any abuse of FBI-specific commands/tools/advantages will result in an instant server ban.

    • Trolling as an FBI member is not allowed.

    • If a mistake is made in your OOC judgment of a situation (due to the power the faction has), you may be removed/blacklisted/banned (Director/admin discretion), depending on the severity.

    • Failure to follow any of the expected procedures as they are intended may result in a removal/blacklist/server ban (Director/admin discretion), depending on the severity.

    • All evidence obtained must be obtained after legitimate surveillance roleplay has taken place, as per the general faction rules.

    • FBI has a member limit of 6 members. (Excluding the Director, including the Deputy Director).

    In character information that applies to the FBI:

    - The FBI is a federal law enforcement agency present in every state of the USA to counter faction corruption and handle both state and national threats.
    - The FBI has access to various departments to operate within different fields in their assigned state. There is a list of these departments in the FBI section, not to be listed here to avoid metagaming.

    FBI procedures:

    1. Every procedure requires AT LEAST Director/Assistant Director approval, with certain situations requiring Faction Director approval.
    2. Witnessed corruption: If an agent of any rank witnesses corruption which has been captured by some form of surveillance (basically evidence that can be provided at a later point ICly), they have permission to overrule the maximum imprisonment time and hold a suspected player until either approval is given to /fire, and a Special Agent+ is online.
    3. Public reports: Members of the public can submit reports of faction corruption through this form. Agents can either use information from these reports in casefiles, or if a Director approves the report as reason enough to remove the player, then the report can be directly used as the reason for removal.
    4. Casefiles: Using surveillance equipment/information given by external sources, agents can create casefiles to gather charges against faction members.

    • San Andreas News has jurisdiction throughout San Andreas as they are a private faction.

    • SANews does not have authority to intervene with outside matters of their faction.

    • Hitmen use fake LEO badges that cannot be seen as a fake badge or distinguished from a legitimate badge, even by a law enforcement officer.

    • Any OOC attempt to reveal a hitman is not allowed. This includes using /members (this is an OOC command anyway), /or or other OOC means. Stating over /or that someone is obviously a hitman because they aren’t responding in either the IC or OOC radio will be classed as MG.

    • Hitmen can force-CK if they are able to catch a player who is investigating them, however, they must have valid evidence to prove this investigation. The HA and FBI moderators/faction director must approve this force CK beforehand.

    • If a knife or C4/bomb is found on hitmen through frisking or other means, players cannot instantly assume affiliation with the Hitman Agency. They can, however, treat them realistically (possibly as a terrorist).

    HA members will now be restricted in their ability to join factions:

    1. A faction can only have 3 hitmen in at one time, except SAPD which can have 6.
    2. A faction cannot have pure hitman leadership (the R5/7 and R6/8 roles in a faction cannot both be filled with hitmen or hitman affiliates).
    3. The leaders of the Hitman Agency cannot be high command in another faction (up to R3 in 6-rank factions, up to R4 in 8-rank factions).

    Force Character Kill Regulations

    Some regulations may already be written in the faction rules, this is purely to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to forcing character kills. At the time that this is posted, the character kill pause is officially concluded. Everything written in here is up to change.

    • Hitmen can force CK if they are able to catch a player who is investigating them, however, they must have valid evidence to prove this investigation. the HA and FBI moderators/faction director must approve this CK beforehand.

    • Official group leaders may force character kill their members in case of betrayal. In this situation, proof of the group leader obtaining the information in character is required. The character kill is only allowed to proceed with both the Faction Director and Group Director approval. Official groups are defined as the Hitman Agency and Syndicate.
    • The Syndicate may not force CK players outside of the group even if said player is investigating them, alternatively, they may group-kill to force a player to forget everything he knows about the organization. This does not require permission and is ultimately up to the leader's discretion.
    • If a player believes his force CK is unjustified, he may appeal it to the Faction Director via PM.
    • To follow up the previous regulation, if you appealed the force CK and it is concluded that the force CK is legitimized, you may not appeal it anew.
    • Players who are in neither HA nor Syndicate may not under no circumstances force CK other players.

    Credits for rewording and reformatting the faction rules: Val

    Credits for the previous input - Watson, Brad, Shinji Li, Oliver, Claude, Ravin, Rey, Damien Cruz, Dino, Anders Rossi
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