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Thread: Staff Roster

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    Staff Roster

    • Pooya - Server Management, Forum Administrator, Administrative Requests Moderator, Shop Moderator, Property Moderator, SSH Access, ACP
    • Jendry - Server Management, Director of Property Management, Assistant Director of Administrative Requests, Logs Access, Forum Admin, Shop Mod, Director of Helpers Team, ACP, Group Manager
    • Nightmaid - Ban Appealer, Forum Admin, ACP

    • Argo - Director of Ban Appeals, Assistant Director of Property Management, Administrative Requests Moderator, Shop Mod
    • Benjamin - Administrative Requests Moderator, Faction Moderator (SAPD), Famed Moderator, Forum Admin, Logs , Property Moderator, Senior Complaint Moderator
    • Josip - Director of Gang Management, Complaints Moderator, Forum Manager, Property Moderator, Administrative Requests Moderator

    • Keven Ruthless - Director of Requests Moderator, Discord Admin, Ban Appealer, Property Mod, Logs Access
    • Valentina Scarletta - Faction Director, Director of Community Complaints, Property Moderator, Forum Administrator, Logs Access, Administrative Requests Moderator

    • Ben Power - Senior Complaints Moderator, Admin Request Moderator, Asst. Director of Gang Management, Property Moderator, Public Relations, Faction Moderator (SAN)
    • Jerrelle - Complaint Moderator
    • Clapham - Shop Moderator, Administrative Request Moderator, Complaint Moderator, Event Moderator, Property Moderator, Log Access, Forum Moderator
    • Emilio - Complaints Moderator, Logs Access, Ass. Director of Helper Team, Forum Moderator, Property Moderator, Event Moderator
    • Casper - Complaints Moderator, Gang Moderator, Event Moderator, Shop Moderator, Property Moderator, Administrative Request Moderator, Log Access
    • Kyle Young - Forum Admin, Forum Developer, Faction Moderator (FBI), Event Moderator

    • Reece - Complaints Moderator, Gang Moderator, Faction Moderator (FMD), Event Moderator, Administrative Request Moderator
    • Alicia - Complaints Moderator
    • Jason Hunter - Senior Complaints Moderator

    • Alex Brooks - Probationary Complaints Moderator
    • Hank James - Probationary Complaints Moderator

    • Sparke - Lead Developer
    • erei - Lead Developer
    • Moonbear - Senior Developer
    • Blackshades - Senior Developer
    • Vienna - Senior Developer
    • Gold - Senior Developer
    • iSpark - Junior Developer
    • Hank James - Junior Developer

    • Josip - Forum Manager
    • Jendry - Forum Admin
    • Pooya - Forum Admin
    • Val - Forum Admin
    • Benjamin - Forum Admin
    • Kyle Young - Forum Admin, Forum Developer

    • Keven Ruthless - Forum Moderator
    • Larry - Forum Moderator
    • Ben Power - Forum Moderator
    • Emilio - Forum Moderator

    Roster by Kyle Young. Credits to Lazovsky, Delirious and Clapham for GFX
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    Kyle Young has been reinstated to General Adminstrator/Forum Developer

    Alicia Bruetti has been reinstated as Junior Administrator

    Jason Hunter has been reinstated as Junior Administrator

    Brad Grant has resigned from the Administration Team
    Rellex has resigned from the Administration Team
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