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Thread: Staff Roster

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    Staff Roster

    • Smo Wang - Server Owner, Lead Developer
    • Joseph Kennedy - Director of Public Relations, Ban Appealer, Faction Moderator (SAN), Logs Access, Forum Administrator
    • Dylan DiVittorio - Assistant Director of Administration, Director of Ban Appeals, Forum Administrator, Logs Access, RCON
    • Kyle Young - Assistant Forum Manager, Forum Developer, Supervisor of Admin Applications, Famed Moderator, Property Moderator, Shop Moderator, Logs Access, RCON

    • Josh Day - Faction Director, Director of Events, Shop Moderator, Forum Administrator, Logs Access
    • Jonny Watts - Head of Staff Training, Lead Forum Administrator, Forum Developer, Shop Moderator, RCON, Logs Access

    • Keven Ruthless - Complaints Moderator, Requests Moderator, Log Access, Property Moderator, Shop Moderator, Forum Moderator
    • Vinny Meadows - RCON Access, Assistant Faction Director, Forum Administrator, Logs Access, Shop Moderator
    • Missy Purrington - Ban Appealer, Shop Mod, Logs Access
    • Ben Peterson - Director of Administrative Requests, Ban Appealer, Events Moderator, Faction Moderator(SAPD), Complaints Moderator, Property Moderator, Shop Moderator, Logs access
    • Bella Clava - Complaints Moderator, Director of Gangs &Families, Administrative Requests Moderator

    • Jerrelle Mckenzie - Assistant Director of Public Relations, GFX Team Moderator, Director of Complaints, Administrative Requests Moderator, Faction Moderator/Group Moderator (SANG, Hitman Agency), Shop Moderator, Property Moderator, Forum Moderator, logs access
    • Matthew Gideon - Assistant GFX Team Moderator, Forum Moderator, Complaints Moderator, Event Moderator, Administrative Requests Moderator, Faction Moderator (SAFMD & Gov)

    • Xavier Malcom - Senior Complaints Moderator, Assistant Director of Gangs & Families, Forum Moderator, Event Moderator

    • Smo - Lead Developer
    • Rellex - Lead Developer
    • Jacob - Lead Developer
    • Day - Senior Developer
    • Jay Destiny - Senior Developer
    • Desmond DeSantos - Senior Developer
    • Ettore Morano - Senior Developer
    • Troy Bradshaw - Senior Developer
    • Calvin Catt - Senior Developer

    Roster by Kyle Young. Credits to Lazovsky and Delirious for GFX

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    Kyle Young has been promoted to Executive Administrator

    Darwin Clarin has been removed from the administration team.
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    Ben has been promoted to Senior Administrator

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    Bella has been reinstated to Senior Administrator

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