Resources Section, Rules & Guidelines

1. There will be no distribution or discussion of any illegal software manipulation at all, this is strictly against the VBulletin rules and will usually result in an infraction, removal of your post and if necessary, a temporary ban.

2. Please title your threads whether the resource is for Video Editing or Image Editing, as the following at either the end or start of the title. [Video Editing] / [Image Editing] > "An example is Photoshop CS6 [Image Editing]".

3. All troll / spam posts will be removed without notice and forwarded to either a forum Administrator or Moderator and if necessary, an infraction will incur.

4. No prefixes. Only Graphics Team management and those who are granted moderation privileges and of course, Administrators can apply prefixes to your thread.

5. Do not suggest infected software knowingly, do VERY SPECIFIC research on a piece of software before posting. If it's not an official piece of software which is verified, you are required to post a virus scan; you are liable for punishment if you post infected resources.

6. You cannot advertise your own software under any circumstances, you can however, supply resources which you have created yourself. I.E Cinema 4D Materials.

7. Please update and maintain your thread regularly, software usually updates thus constantly updating system requirements and new features, an active thread is a happy thread.