As you all know the forums, and game server had a rather unexpected drop. During this downtime an array of bad things happened. Our server that houses the SAMP server was being constantly attacked due to SAMP so this caused the HDD to fill due to the log file and caused a lot of high scale problems (player data loss, passwords not working, logs being spammed, gate/door/other data). Luckily we (Jacob) had just taken backups of the database 7 days prior to this happening so we could restore them. In the process of restoring them we ran into an issue with players not being able to input their passwords. It was a stressful couple of days but thankfully Smo fixed it with minimal data loss (7 days roll back of player accounts).

For those who lost data you will be compensated with double respect points, double paychecks, and one free level (regardless of your level). There's a few more ideas being worked on currently, but the ones listed above are the ones that will be brought into the server. Credits to Vinny for coming up with the compensation rewards, this should be implemented very shortly (not date yet). If you'd wish to suggest things feel free to PM me here or on Discord and I'll run them by Vinny.

If you have any refund request (hit count loss, donation losses, etc) post a GRR and link me via vistor messages and I'll get to them when I can. Proof will help anyones case but if you don't have proof still post it regardless and I'll try my hardest to verify you had the items. No one could have expected this so no one really could have prepared for stat loss.

Last but not least the forums also had some unexpected down time, and there's not much information regarding this however it seems to be settled now. Sorry for any inconvenience/delay this have caused you in the process unfortunately these things happen.