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Thread: Karaoke Night

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    Karaoke Night

    Karaoke Night
    San Andreas Roleplay is hosting a Karaoke Night on Discord on the 17th of November around coming soon,
    If you want to be apart of the amazing night then you'll need to fill out the format below and you'll be added to the list,
    everyone who enters will have a chance to sing, It should be a funny and interesting night. I hope to see you there!


    List of Performers
    #1 Avery - Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Ashley
    #2 Jonas Tabanao - How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
    #3 Scotty Bradshaw - Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday
    #4 Sam Harry - Despacito - Fonsi
    #5 Angelito Bixhozi - Gucci Gang - Lil Pump
    #6 Emily Royal - I believe I can fly - R.Kelly.
    #7 Vitaly - In the End - Linkin Park
    #8 Koji Takamato - Highway To Hell - AC/DC.
    #9 Pepe Santana - BIG Shaq - Mans not hot
    #10 Jack Donor - Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
    #11 Joseph Kennedy - Dusk till Dawn - Zayn
    #12 Luigi Catalanotte - Baby - Justin Bieber
    #13 Nawfal Wayne - Feeling so blue - Michael Mind ft. Dante Thomas
    #14 Bella & Kevin Burke - Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna
    #15 Myka Laterza - Young, dumb, and broke - Khalid
    #16 Papa Revere, Griffin Thompson, Skarr Torino, and Jay Conway - Kick the dust Up - Luke Bryan
    #17 Rose Cassidy - Aint Nobody Takin My Baby - Russ
    #18 Mister Boris - Ra Ra Rasputin
    #19 Nathan Crowford - DESPICABLE ME 3 Minions Sing
    #20 Johnny Night - Tired - Alan Walker
    #21 RESERVED
    #22 Nathan Crowford - I'm Still Standing -Taron Egerton
    #23 Tyler_Gradey - Roll Safe - Chantelle
    #24 Mrpeepee - Sexual Eruption - Snoop Dogg
    #25 Ariana Bradshaw - I don't wanna miss a thing - aerosmith
    #26 Name - Song
    #27 Name - Song
    #28 Name - Song
    #29 Name - Song
    #30 Name - Song

    Rules and Regulations
    - No Trolling
    - No Toxic Behivour
    - No Mic Spamming
    - No Racism
    - No Insulting/disrespecting other performers
    - No Skipping positions, unless you've been given permissions.

    Everyone will be muted and those who are singing, will be un-muted and a bot will be playing the song that you've requested,
    if you are to shy when it comes to singing, you'll be skipped. (I suggest drinking a little before attending). If you do not turn up, then you'll be skipped as well.

    HTML Code:
    Private the format directly to Corey Brooks and your name will be added to the List.

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    I have rescheduled the Karaoke Night to next weekend as the timezone I have chosen isn't acceptable for most of the singers, so I will be organising the Karaoke Night in a different timezone so majority of the other players can attend.

    Sorry for the Inconvenience to those who stayed awake. I just want this night to be something everyone can remember and I have chosen the worst timezone to host the event.

    It'll be Hosted on the 17th of November and the time will be added sometime this week.
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