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Thread: Custom Skins

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    Custom Skins

    This thread is to clear up any confusion regarding custom skins, and the limitations on them. We will not be allowing skins that look unrealistic, don't flow together with the feel of the game, or are genuinely just trollish. If you have any other questions that you feel weren't answered by this thread forward them to my PMs and I'll answer them for you.

    What are the limitations of custom skins?
    • The skin must fit the GTA SA theme
    • The skin must be low resolution (No HD skins at all)
    • You cannot trade/sell a skin you've bought after the order has been processed
    • You cannot request skins that there are factions in place for (i.e: LSPD, SAFMD, FBI, etc)

    I'm in a faction will I be getting a custom skin?
    Yes, and no. You won't be getting a custom skin for yourself however the faction will be given custom skins that fit their roleplay. Police will be given some more police skins, and SAFMD will be given more doctor/medic skins that fit the roleplay. This will be discussed between faction leaders and lead developers as we get more comfortable with the system.

    I'm in a family will I be getting a custom skin?
    This has yet to be determined. There will be discussions regarding this with family management and executives.

    I pre-ordered a skin now what?
    Sit tight and wait.
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