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    Compromised Accounts

    Compromised Accounts

    It has come to our attention that a select few players have had their accounts stolen due to registering on a SARP remake server with the same names & passwords used on our server, this should be common sense to most that it isn't a good idea to do such a thing. If you have recently joined a new server with the same login details we advise you to change your passwords on SARP as soon as possible. If you notice any suspicious activity with your account please report it to administration. From this point on we will not be refunding anyone anything due to their negligence.

    Thank you.

    Bella Conway
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    Should you require any assistance, please pm me with a clear subject title


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    Few tips:

    >Don't use the same password you use on the SARP forum or in-game for anything else; especially your e-mail address.
    >Ensure your forum password and in-game password are completely different, as compromisation of either will lead to the other account being compromised also. Spread the risk.

    It's your responsibility to uphold basic security precautions on your computer.

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