As of recent changes, a lot of stuff happened, and will cause further changes, however this will hopefully be for good.

Sparke has resigned from the development team - we thank him for everything he has done and will continue to keep up the good work he managed to do in so much time.

Jacob has stepped down from his position, he most likely won't be scripting however he will support the team with technical stuff (github, testing, updates and etc).

Jay and I have been appointed as the new lead developers - unlike the situation with Bella, we will keep communicating and make sure it's not one person making the shots.
We have spoken to Pooya and Jendry and our relationship with the admin team will hopefully rise again. We are also trying to make more development meetings (which we had last Friday) so we can discuss stuff and make important decisions as a team.

With Rellex coming back, the team should be more active - Rellex is experienced and active, and therefore him coming back is great.

As mentioned earlier, we discussed things. The following is in progress:
  • Economy reset - being discussed by admins & developers together.
  • Vehicles - as Sparke resigned his new system won't be coming in unfortunately, and therefore we are going to fix everything related to the current system (make sure to report a bug report if it isn't posted yet HERE).
  • Ammo - pretty much paused, we'd like to take care of vehicles and the economy first.
  • Family levels - this has been suggested & supported by the community. The way it will work:
    Families will be able to gather XP in certain ways (we will mainly focus on ways that may promote roleplay, activity and fun). Your family will level up depends on how much XP you have (values not decided yet). Each level unlocks special perks.

However the levels, perks and the ways to get XP are being discussed by Josip and the spokesmen team, but as soon as the information will be given we will get it done as fast as possible.

Best regards,
Development Team