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Thread: Version 3.9.4

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    Version 3.9.4

    Version 3.9.4


    This update introduces a few major changes including a new Discord bot which enables in-game to Discord communication. There are also changes made to how points work. Bank robbery system has been removed and a new system has been introduced. FMD can now sell drugs using /fmddrugs, this is logged and can be viewed by FMD's higher ranks also on /fmddrugs.

    Golden Noticeable Changes

    Added some front-end features to the Discord bot including;
    * !d(ev)t(ester) maps with /dt in-game. Simply a chat for developers & testers to collaborate.
    * !kick, !prison !w for administrator use only.
    * !newb allows helpers to send responses to /newb from Discord, also allowing helpers to receive /newb messages on Discord.
    See Image

    See Image

    Other changes

    • /fallover 5 animation

    • /san coordinates
    • /payticket coordinates
    • Government rank changes
    • /listdoor /mydoors string limit
    • Donated group namechange cost fix ( 50% discount)
    • Syndicate safe detection fix with their items
    • some houses still having the owner tag due to the owner namechanging which caused it to update the label
    • Inside vehicle chat system color.

    • VIP laser stuff (just a clean up of the rest)
    • some unused commands
    • All useless buttons and their objects
    • /publicaddress as it's causing crash bug
    • Left over items of oldschool

    Rellex Added
    • /checkactivity command for admins
    • /nametag probie
    • Ban/Prison dates to IG commands
    • a sellgun command so admins can give real guns
    • New warning system
    • head+ can /setstealth other admins

    • SAPD Rank Names
    • the PM color for admins to differentiate between PM and reports
    • get from trunk system
    • /tod for admins
    • vehicle slot 3
    • /o commands (offline members/devs/admins/mappers etc..)
    • boxing so you get revived at the end
    • boxing now saves vests and guns
    • the bug where admins cant see people talking in cars while /specing

    $kylar Fixed
    • PB leader.
    • FMD being able to /getrrk from non-FMD vehicles.
    • /oranks for FMD shows their rank name instead of rank number.
    • /call > /kill bug.
    • Spawn bug when a player disconnects while viewing CCTV.
    • Partial code efficiency.

    • Keys to scroll through CCTVs when /cctv is used.
    • /spawnedvehicles for senior+ dev. Which states the number of vehicles spawned IG. Minus trains.

    • 'H' to interact with gates.

    Desmond Noticeable Changes


    • Owner now saves
    • /capture restriction (rank 4+)
    • Typos
    • Minutes/seconds left for capturing message (pictures: before and after)
      See image

    • /points looks way better now, added family name and status (not ready, available, being captured), in the pictures: before and after
      See image


    • New bank robbery system (CLICK HERE)
    • FMD can now sell drugs using /fmddrugs. This will pop up a dialog with the option to either sell drugs or view the logs of previous sales.

    Other changes

    • an exploit with /plantbug
    • being able to exploit /cctv
    • not being able to use /bj 9-12
    • HA money exploit
    • small typo in /setbadgenumber (used to say "use a 6 digits number" instead of 5)
    • /ncheck displaying a message from the old system
    • server crashing issue
    • /sendtols bugged (admins)

    • /sendto pizza
    • Drill for the new bank robbery system (costs $250,000 in 24/7s, /inventory to see if you have one)
    • Family members mat running now get a bonus of 50 materials at the end of the run.
    • /togbug - toggles messages of bugged people for the FBI member to avoid spam/interruption in RP
    • /oranks - same as /ranks for FMD, however this is a list of offline members


    • R4+ can now take drugs out of the family safe
    • Updated /ah
    • Updated /devhelp
    • /fwithdraw now requires you to be at the family safe
    • /setskin permissions
    • limitations for family safe stuff:

    The limit for safe weapons is now 20 (10 -> 20)
    The limit for safe materials is now 200,000 (50,000 -> 200,000)
    The limit for safe drugs is now 5,000 (1,000 -> 5,000

    Dy1zan Noticeable Changes
    Created the back-end for the Discord bot, plus some front-end examples. The Discord bot allows Discord-SA:RP communication, allowing players to perform various commands from Discord.

    Technical Details

    Introduces a two tier system, load balancing and validating requests sent from Discord. This introduces a Python NIO middle-man server which locally communicates with the SA:MP server. I have created two APIs to allow developers to develop the bot with ease.

    The green tick indicates the message has successfully been sent. A red cross will appear if the message has failed to reach the SA:MP server due to a connection error.

    This two tier system also will allow developers to expand in the future and perhaps add a web interface that can use the same Python server to communicate with the SA:MP server, or to simply perform heavy calculations and off-load from the SA:MP server, or simply for event timing.

    Some front-end features I have added include !a, !stats, reports are received on Discord, as well as bug reports.

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    Server has been updated to 3.9.4, thanks to Smo.
    You will get the same attitude as you show me yours.


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