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Thread: Version 3.9.2

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    Version 3.9.2

    Version 3.9.2 Changelog

    Server Developers

    Jay, Desmond, Avery, Day
    Added M4 driveby
    Added several new (donated) skins
    Added scripted FBI NSB division and commands
    Added deaths/refund system (CLICK HERE)
    Added Executive Admin Pooya to the RCON whitelist
    Added /callerid for donated groups (why?)
    Added namechange discount for donated groups (why?)

    Changed /accept death can only be used with 50 HP or less (this takes around 4 minutes unless the injured player took damage which fastens the progress)
    Changed receptionist's coordinates, /arrest coordinates (it's inside the mugshot room now), /prisonlist coordinates, /payticket coordinates
    Changed some commands into ZCMD
    Changed the BTT ranks and commands restrictions
    Changed /adminactivity to /activity
    Changed Altered rubber bullets maximum distance from 30 to 50
    Changed Tabbed minutes no longer count towards /activity
    Changed Changed the maximum imprisonment time back to 60 minutes

    Fixed /hangup kicking players out of vehicles
    Fixed /badge
    Fixed /pm
    Fixed bugged /mask
    Fixed bugged skins
    Fixed /transfer displaying weird
    Fixed /h ejecting you from your vehicle
    Fixed /engine not working after leaving a vehicle while it's starting the engine
    Fixed /jobhelp -> "Find Job" sending you to detective always
    Fixed FMD not being able to get a temporary RRK
    Fixed Faction leader chat not displaying faction mods/directors correctly

    Removed /towcar (causing problems)
    Removed unused Sector 9 skins

    Disabled Sector 9 faction
    Disabled /fall for prisoned players

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    Update is live.

    Extra stuff:
    • Added where admins can use /inmates
    • Added /setstrikes to /ahelp for head+
    • Added /osetnumber
    • Fixed /agivedrugs not working when using player names
    • Removed death tags above players heads

    Contributions: All devs

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