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    Grove Street Families Leader Application

    The Gang & Families Administration Team has decided to bring back Grove Street Families.

    If you're willing to lead Grove Street Families, fill in the format below and PM me griefer with the subject: Firstname Lastname l Grove Street Families Application

    A few minimum requirements:

    • Level 15
    • Previous experience with running a successful family
    • Able to spend a few hours every day
    • Fluent in English
    • Mature

    HTML Code:
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Screenshot of your /stats:[/COLOR] [ANSWER HERE]
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Past experience with families?:[/COLOR] [ANSWER HERE]
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Why do you wish to become the leader of GSF?:[/COLOR] [ANSWER HERE]
    [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Why should we choose you over another applicant?:[/COLOR] [ANSWER HERE][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Do you agree to our terms and conditions below?:[/COLOR][/COLOR] [ANSWER HERE]
    By applying for this position you accept the conditions below,

    You will not break any server rules. Leaving the family within thirty days will result in either a prison or a ban. If you're going inactive for a few days, get your things sorted out with the members and tell them to roleplay as much as possible.

    format by carl king.
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