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    Thumbs up Server is back online

    We apologize for the recent downtime. As some of you know from discord, we had issues with our provider and have moved to another host.

    The new server is located in a similar location (US, LA) and should offer similar pings. It's possible to move to another location/host in the future if there are any ongoing issues. If that happens there won't be another long downtime period.

    All player/server data should be up to date. If there was a rollback it should be minimal (1-5 days).

    Admin logs/control panel permissions should be set up some time within the next few days.

    2x EXP has been enabled on the server and we will be giving out free Gold VIP (for 14 days). Existing VIP's will also have their time extended. That should come into effect tomorrow (7th Oct).

    You should be able to connect to the server using the same IP:

    Thanks to Jacob for helping to set things up.


    Regarding refunds, everything is rolledback so no players will get anything refunded unless it was related to donations (such as VIPs, etc)
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