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Thread: Version 3.9.7

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    Question Version 3.9.7

    Version 3.9.7
    09/21/2018 - 10/17/2018


    This update is probably going to be the biggest of the year. We're going to let this be a stepping stone in the right direction with the development team. All of our testers and developers were hard at work to make sure that this update came out great. We know there's a lot of game changing features and this update and that's why we've been focused on making sure everything came out exactly as we imagined.

    This update was originally focused around fixing general game disrupting issues but it stemmed to much more and ended up being the most productive update of this year. This update introduces so many game changing updates we can't even acknowledge all of the bigger projects due to how many we had so we hope you take the time to read through the entire update before leaving feedback about it.

    I know a lot of you group/faction members will be upset to see /undercover removed but it was only a matter of time. We find the system extremely to evasive for an player and it's such a great power that it makes it almost impossible for IC investigations to be done thoroughly compared to someone who does not have this feature.

    One of the most noticeable things done this update (behind the vehicle/briefcase wipe) would be removing armor on spawn. Yes this is a light roleplay server, yes it benefits you to have armor, but it also makes a lot of things useless (drugs, vest from faction/group lockers, body guard job, etc). This loss will be compensated with the production of drugs into the server.

    Now to wrap this up there isn't enough text to give a summary to this update so you'll have to explore it for yourself. We hope you find it as enjoyable to play as it was to make. Thanks to everyone who made this update possible.

    Sparke Added
    • Slot 3+ back in for player vehicles
    • Added Promethazine as a drug
    • Added Codeine as a drug
    • Added Lean as a drug
    • Added /mixdrug's first edition
    • Added 4 new army skins
    • Added all drugs to /house get/put/check
    • Added all drugs to /fsafe

    • SANGs change uniform not working
    • All drugs not being displayed in /frisk

    • /v cars header now supports time of year/day
    • Cleaned up the 24/7 menu and redesigned it
    • Government ranks
    • FBIs mask name will just be "Agent"

    • Faction ID 6 being able to distribute weapon licenses (sasd)
    • S9 from being able to distribute weapon licenses while in gov
    • FBI skin (dog skin)
    • /undercover
    • /setuc for FBI
    • Armor on spawn (this is to force the use of drugs)

    Desmond Added
    • Houses gun slots (there are now 7 instead of 3) that can be used regardless of VIP status
    • HA Vice Director to /fl
    • HA nicknames (/sethanickname - added to /gmembers, /ogmembers, /gr, /ogr)
    • SANG's anti aircraft system


    • /removefactionban for S9
    • Duffle bag system (click HERE)
    • /setstat is back (refund phonenumber, respects points etc is now available)
    • C2 explosives to /frisk
    • /deleteallfurniture - deletes all of your house's furniture
    • /togglefurniture [off/on] - hides/unhides all of your house's furniture
    • New charges system for SAPD, FBI and SANG

    • /near only working if you're almost inside the vehicle
    • Not being able to /pickupbomb bombs that were planted inside of vehicles
    • /gateinfo showing wrong group/faction
    • SANG's backups
    • S9 getting banned for using SANG hunters' miniguns
    • SANG not being able to use the roadblock commands
    • "You are not at the DJ table!" when sending chat messages
    • Xanax storing in trunk
    • The RP line saying you stored /cannabis/ instead of /meth/
    • The RP line saying you stored /crack/ instead of /cocaine/
    • FBI still having access to SAPD lockers
    • Major phone exploit rollbacking the player
    • /repair not charging $5,000

    • Houses drugs limit to 15,000 (previous - 10,000), money to 2,000,000 (previous - 1,000,000)
    • Barracks (SANG transport vehicle) HP to 5000 (500%). Hunter, Cargobob and Hydra to 2500 (250%)
    • DEA is now FBI
    • /fire kick/kill is now for R2+ S9
    • PD roadblocks restriction (R4 --> R2)
    • You can no longer use /r, /rlow, /backup (/bk), /wt, /wtlow and /d while injured
    • You now have to /acceptdrug before receiving drugs from /givedrug
    • Bail limits (minimum $500,000, maximum $10,000,000)

    • Ski-mask from /frisk
    • Designers
    • FBI, DoC and Taxi Company faction banks.
    Skylar Added

    • /ranks for FMD now has a monthy call count which resets on the first day of every month
    • Inactive property checker (houses) for property moderators.
      Players now need to log in with the account in which they own their property at least once in 31 days. If not then the property will be sold to market. Property moderators online at that time will be informed and logs will be saved so that it can later be fetched. Which shows the lastlogin of the relevant player too.
    • Automatic double EXP on weekends and turns off on weekdays

    • Brief freeze during first spawn
    • Storing drugs in vehicles
    • /closestgate causing the server to crash
    • Potential fix for disappearing beacons
    • Wrong gear name when trying to delete it
    • Stabalized VIP system

    • /neon has been enabled again
    • /dea -> /fbi
    • FBI cannot interact with SAPD's gates
    • A delay in /respawncars (one of the main reasons why cars ID bugged out)

    • Old /nos code
    • Signal jammer from SAPD's armory
    • /killcar (one of the main reasons why cars ID bugged out)

    Gold Added

    • A few commands for SARP discord bot
    • /registerprison for NG
    • /prisonlist for NG
    • /showcarupgrades slot 3
    • Debug for dynamic vehicle

    • /getpizza negative money fix.
    • /ah adjustment
    • /VIP exploit
    • Stealth admin reveal fix.
    • /spec textdraw bug fixed.
    • /fsafe string for new drugs
    • /help for SANG faction



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    In addition,

    We would like to thank Sparke and Desmond for their major part in this update. Along with other fellow developers: iSpark and Gold.
    Within six days we plan to push a hot-fix for any founded bugs along with existing bugs. We will also be introducing an 'extension' to the existing account system which will allow players to have a single account, which is linked to all of their characters. At any time, they may change character but with a cooldown. However, bugs will be considered a higher priority and this will not be implemented until all bugs have been addressed.

    Any bugs that from hereon affect vehicles (such as vehicle duplication) will be taken seriously to prevent an overwhelming population in 'good' vehicles. I'll personally be reviewing changes done to the vehicle system and enforce proper logging which will make things a lot easier to track. Database backups are performed automatically and daily in the event we ever need to roll any data back. There will also now be vehicles which will be considered 'rare', this is mainly to promote competition between players.

    I do have concerns regarding LSPD being overpowered, as well as a few, bring it up. I agree, and I'll be talking to the development team to try to resolve this to see what sort of systems we can change.

    Development will also be going slower since it seems a faster moving development team has negative impacts on the server, especially when it comes to bugs. Bugs will, however, be getting fixed faster.
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    Version 3.9.7A
    10/17/2018 - 10/29/2018

    Skylar Added

    • Profile shows postal code
    • Radio system for HA

    Golden Added
    • Prison's useful commands ( /prisonclothes, /prisonfood)
    • Restriction for dufflebag ( You are no longer allow to go inside paintaball while you are holding it )

    • Typography fix of DEA to FBI
    • Bugged siren for ambulance and heli
    • Map checkpoint and icon stability fix.
    • 50% discount on namechange for donated groups

    • /arrest location moved to the basement.
    • Prison system stability ( No more spawn bug )

    • Leftover full vest on spawn from tikis store.
    Hank Added
    • Halloween event
    • New drugs in /fsafe

    • Typography fix of /fsafe items
    • Limits of /fsafe ( Typography )
    • Dufflebag material withdraw fix

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