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Thread: Version 3.9.8

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    Version 3.9.8

    Version 3.9.8
    11/01/2018 - 11/22/018


    This update, we focused on newbie friendly improvement and adjusting their ways to get money easily. We have adjusted jobs, earning sources, made the environment newbie friendly.

    Golden Added
    • Farmer Job
    • Dynamic Bank icon in the minimap
    • New /buygun command
    • Added " ! " shortcut for shouts (/s)
    • Improvement of Garbageman job
    • Improvement of Pizza job
    • Simple info tutorial for /dropcar
    • Adjustment over business profits

    • /watch reset weapons (Admin command)
    • Injured person now able to talk

    • Waste collector to Garbageman
    • Doors have access key instead of the password
    • Vehicle windows open by default
    • Business entry fee reduced to 1-100$

    • Business products system
    • Product dealer job.
    • Removed Sex job leftover items from /skills

    Skylar Fixed
    • /find not working inside the interior
    • Cuffed player breaking cuff exploit fix
    • Portable MDC not removing even after dying
    Hank James Added
    • /shotgun back to /sellgun level1

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