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    [Tutorial] Beep sound on click! Teamspeak! [Video/Pictures/Text]

    Teamspeak Beep!

    Hello! Today, I want to show you a very cool thing if you are an LEO and use teamspeak.
    Found this pretty cool because when you press your push-to-talk button, it'll play a beep noise just like a radio

    Video Instruction
    Simple video instruction.

    Credits to Briglair

    Picture Instruction

    Step 1.
    [Download] the beeping sound file.

    Step 2.
    Open up Teamspeak.

    Step 3.
    Press [Settings -> Options ]

    Step 4.
    Press [Playback -> look down at options, and tick "Own Client play mic clicks."]
    When others press their push-to-talk button, you can either have the normal sound play, or if you want to hear your beeping sound, press the "Other play client mic clicks." Remember to press the ["OK" button after you're done.]

    Step 5.
    Go to your Teamspeak 3 directory. Look for ["Teamspeak 3", do NOT open "TS3Client"]
    If you downloaded Teamspeak for your account, then it should be in appdata, if you downloaded it for all users of the laptop/computer it'll be in Progam Files / Progam Files(86x).

    Step 6.
    When you opened up Teamspeak 3 Directory [go to "sounds" folder.] Then[ open up the sound file] (Winrar).

    Step 7.
    Place both of the 2 .wav files into "default" and "default_male". Replace both of the "mic_click_on/off.wav"

    Step 8. Go back to Teamspeak, and if already not chosen, go to [Self -> Sound Packs -> Default Female/Male.]

    Text Instruction

    Quote Originally Posted by StareX
    Hello lovely community members! Tired pressing your Push to Talk button and don't hear shit? WELL.. I got a solution for YOU!

    For PD members it is usefull, but for others.. it's optional! < also for PD.. lol

    So here is what I am talking about:

    When you press your PTT button, you can't hear a thing. With my addon, not mine atually it's someone's else creation but with my solution to this current issue, you will be able to hear when you talk and when you end talking.. Just like in Ventrillo! You can set it off, you can force others when they press their PTT button to hear them, you'll be able to hear the beeps when you press the PTT button, enable/disable.. etc.

    So lets get started.

    1. Run Teamspeak 3
    2. Go to Settings -> Options -> Playback
    3. Go down with your eyes and mouse till you see "Options" and then a blank tick "Own client plays mic clicks"
    4. After you enabled it, you would be able to hear a "Tst.." sound, but you wouldn't hear the mic click as you didn't put the files yet!
    5. Download this: Click here to download! (

    If you have pressed "Install only for me" in the TeamSpeak 3 installer then you must go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client -- Appdata is hidden inside Users, that is why.

    If you have pressed "Install everyone that uses this PC" in the TeamSpeak 3 installer then you must go to C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client

    6. After you finished downloading the file, go to your Teamspeak 3 directory and look for "sounds"

    Enter "sound" folder and put the 2 .wav files inside "default" and "default_male" << (not sure if it is but it is recommended to put it there[default_male])

    7. Enter then teamspeak and enjoy...

    If you want the old Ventrilo mic click sounds then go to your Ventrilo folder, look for MicKeyUp.wav and MicKeyDown.wav ... copy them outside to the Desktop or to your Teamspeak 3 client folder ... rename "MicKeyUp" to mic_click_off.wav and "MicKeyDown" to mic_click_on.wav
    It's alittle bit tricky but you can dig with it!

    Enjoy TeamSpeak 3 and happy gaming!
    Super Game Master
    vG:Modding Team
    Link -

    Credits to StareX

    After that, it should work perfectly! An awesome radio mod for LEO's that want to make their Teamspeak sound more real.
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    Former lspd r3 head instructor, LSFMD R5 Lieutenant, R5 Waste Management former Vice Governor.

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    This is actually not necessary but whoever likes to have this shall do this, and I'm one of them.

    Great tutorial anyway !

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    Its optional to get this if you want, but in my opinion, I like it and its pretty cool.

    Former lspd r3 head instructor, LSFMD R5 Lieutenant, R5 Waste Management former Vice Governor.

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    Mad work, bro! Just install PTT for Windows, import the default sounds or your own sounds, and use it anywhere, not just on TS3! (:

    EDIT: Pretty much the same thing but PTT for Windows allows universal use of this :p
    Last edited by Justin Fakie; 31st July 2013 at 02:39 AM.

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    Vinny Meadows
    Had this from a while ago, thanks for the tutorial man.

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