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Thread: Staff Roster

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    Staff Roster

    • Smo Wang - Server Owner, Lead Developer
    • Darwin Clarin - Director of Administration, RCON Access, Log Access
    • Armin Royal - Director of In Game Acitivites

    • Joseph KennedyAssistant Director of In-Game Events, Faction Moderator (SAN), Director of Public Relations & Logs Access
    • Henderson. - Forum Manager, Shop Mod, Faction Moderator(HA)
    • Argo - Faction Mod(FMD), Event Mod, Director of Property Management, Shop Mod
    • Day - Faction Director, Director of Internal Administration Affairs, Director of Events, Ban Appealer, Shop Moderator, Forum Admin, Logs Access

    • Dylan - Director of Ban Appeals, Senior Complaints Mod, Requests Mod, Property Mod, Forum Admin, Event Mod, Shop Mod, Faction Mod (SAFMD), Logs access.
    • Destiny Assistant Forum Manager, Assistant Director of Factions, Assistant Director of Public Relations, Requests Mod, Forum Admin, Shop Mod, Logs Access
    • Keven - Complaints Mod, Requests Mod, Shop Mod, Prop Mod, Log Access, Forum Mod, Ban Appealer

    • Joshy - Director of Administrative Requests, Faction Mod (SAPD), Forum Admin, Senior Complaints Mod, Shop Mod, Event Mod, Logs Access, Property Mod
    • Nate Brooks - Faction Mod(Gov, JD, CJNG), Director of Gangs & families, Assistant Director of Complaints, Graphics Team Moderator, Event Mod, Logs Access

    • Jason Hunter - Complaints Mod, Administrative Requests Mod, SANG Moderator, Assistant Director of Gangs & Families, Assistant GFX Moderator
    • Harry Bursy - Complaints Mod
    • Ben - Complaints Mod, Property Mod, Administrative Requests Mod, Shop Mod
    • Benjamin Williams - Complaints Mod

    • Jizzy Black - Probationary Complaints Mod
    • Dominic Wells - Probationary Complaints Mod
    • Michael Jones - Probationary Complaints Mod
    • Jerrelle McKenzie - Probationary Complaints Mod
    • Jamie Thornton - Probationary Complaints Mod
    • Matthew Gideon - Probationary Complaints Mod

    • Smo - Lead Developer
    • Rellex - Lead Developer
    • Jacob -
    • Dylan -

    Roster by Kyle Young, credits to Corey Brooks and Lazovsky for GFX

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    Armin Royal has been reinstated as an Executive Administrator
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    Day has been promoted to Head Administrator

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    Dwayne Hobbs has been removed from the administration team

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